Quinton Pattinson (Pat)

082 749 6462

Professional Turnaround Practitioner (PTP-SA) (SAQA)
Senior Business Rescue Practitioner

Who Is Pat Pattinson

Pat is a Professional Turnaround Practitioner (PTP/SAQA), specialising in the rehabilitation of distressed businesses, with a success rate of more than 95% for all business rescue plans published to date.

In addition to his successes in business rescues, he has further assisted more than 200 businesses with informal turnarounds, and regularly consults creditors and fellow practitioners on their respective projects.

Pat has been assisting struggling businesses since well before business rescue was introduced in the South African legal structure. This provides Pat not just with additional experience, but also with credibility with stakeholders that are familiar with his dedication and results-driven approach.

In addition to his business rescue services, Pat also holds a number of non-executive and executive board positions, he is a trainer and author of many articles, eBooks and will be publishing his first Book in the first quarter of 2022.

Pats Personal Vision

I continuously strive to be the pre-imminent choice when considering the restructuring and or rehabilitation of distressed businesses, I will continue to perform my services in an above approach manner with ethics as my moral compass whilst navigating the legal roadmap of restructuring.

Pats Personal Mission

I will continuously contribute to the South African economy by simply following my passion for saving businesses, saving jobs and providing the best possible outcome to all affected persons.

Pat lives by his personal Mantra:

your success, my reputation