Getting Out: Exit Strategies for SMEs

21 Nov 2022

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This book is a collection of the most applicable tips and strategies for SME owners to consider when planning to exit from their SME business, these tips are not as applicable to larger corporations, nor are they a one-fit-all solution. The book is merely a guide, and it remains the responsibility of the SME owner to consider these tips and strategies and apply them where applicable to their business. Every business is unique, but no business is so unique that its owner can afford to ignore this book when planning to exit.

Whether buying or selling, retiring or acquiring, planning for these events cannot be done in a vacuum and it is the responsibility of the owners, investors and management to plan for these eventualities, irrespective of whether they are planning their exit for today or in a 100 years. The sooner the planning starts, the better the results will be and ultimately the smoother and more lucrative the end result. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes the need to exit is not by choice and often this form of exit is not planned for as no entrepreneur wants to acknowledge that his venture may fail. For these eventualities, this book is of crucial importance.

It’s only a failure if the choice to stop trying is not your own.

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