Planning without measuring, is like coffee without water.

12 Jan 2021 By Pat Pattinson

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill said this he was no doubt talking about the war efforts during the Second World War, but it is just as relevant for today’s boardroom wars in business. 

I’ve seen companies spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on creating what they believe to be the best strategy for their business, with committee after committee set up and no real progress made. But at the end of the day, very few look at the results.

When it comes time to look at the actual figures, the chances are they are a fraction of the original plan. The answer here is often another committee and 6 more months to achieve what should have taken a week. Planning is important, action is required, course correction is inevitable and success is still not promised.

 “You should occasionally look at the results.”

In my mind this needs a two way approach. Firstly, before you start with the strategy sessions, look at the results of past efforts, build on the drivers and accelerants and try and avoid the inhibitors. But more importantly, make sure that those clever people in charge of driving your project include short term measurable results, with some possible corrective measures.

After all, what is more important, the plan or the results?

Pat Pattinson
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