02 Jun 2020 By Pat Pattinson

“You need to let go of the old, before you can move forward and grow.”
Pat Pattinson

In order for anything to change or evolve, a sacrifice needs to be made. Sometimes this sacrifice is so insignificant you don’t even notice it; and sometimes the sacrifice can be so overwhelming that you resist it to the point of commercial suicide, simply to hold on to what you know and feel comfortable with. 

This means that there is no opportunity for growth. Even a seed needs to let go of its shelter in the earth to grow into its true potential. If it is not prepared to break the surface, it has no purpose and it is doomed to shrivel and die.

The safety and comfort of the “known” needs to be overcome for new ideas and growth to happen in good times, but with the current, post-Covid19 economic climate, this is the base-level requirement to simply survive. The reality is, that changes are being forced upon us and we can choose to either let go of what we were used to and cherished or we could be forced to let go and lose everything.

Pat Pattinson
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