02 Mar 2020 By Pat Pattinson

“A place for everything and everything in its place” - I’ve heard this so many times and every successful entrepreneur, that was not just lucky, will swear by it. Yet most small business owners take this statement for granted.

Before you can fix a problem you need to know that the problem exists, which in itself is probably the biggest problem of them all. “Know that you know nothing and you know something”.  Without structure, there is no way of knowing about a problem before and until it starts costing you money. To make things worse, small business owners are so proud, they are often reluctant, and even insulted, when we offer assistance.

Ego is sometimes a good thing but often entrepreneurs believe themselves to be a breed on their own. Thinking that they are able to successfully fill all the roles of running a business - from answering the phone to doing their own accounting. This is fine when everything goes well, but  when thing go wrong, as they often do, their response is normally, “just remember I am not an accountant”. Of course, but it was the entrepreneur’s decision not to employ a proper accountant.

Why would any entrepreneur want to be held hostage to their own actions. This mindset inhibits any chance of growth in your business and more importantly, in you as a person.

You need to own your business, not the other way around. Create, implement and enforce the necessary structures and procedures to ensure everything gets done properly, and on time. Accountability will always lie with you, so make sure you have a water tight reporting and, if necessary, policing system in place.

One of the secrets to success is consistency. Look at McDonald’s for example. Their burgers are definitely not the best you will ever eat, but they will taste the same no matter where in the world you eat them. This can only be achieved through proper measurable procedures and structure, which in my opinion, are more important than marketing and advertising.

An unhappy customer can cost you far more than not getting the order in the first place.

Pat Pattinson
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